Rebor War Pigs (Ankylosaurus) Figures in Stock

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Rebor War Pigs (Ankylosaurus) Figures in Stock

The trio of tanks, the three Rebor War Pigs (Ankylosaurus) dinosaur models are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  This beautiful, 1:35 scale replica of Ankylosaurus (A. magniventris) is available in three colour schemes, each one representing a potential environment in which this iconic dinosaur could have lived in.  There is “Plain”, “Woodland” or the “Mountain” colour scheme to choose from.

A Dorsal View of the Three Rebor Ankylosaurus Colour Schemes (Mountain, Plain and Woodland)

Rebor has made three different versions of Ankylosaurus.

The three different Rebor models – left “mountain”, middle  “plain” and “woodland” on the right.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor War Pig Plain Ankylosaurus

Although Ankylosaurus has given its name to a family of armoured dinosaurs, the Ankylosauridae, it is actually a very poorly known representative and its fossils are highly fragmentary.  There are much more complete fossil specimens of club-tailed, armoured dinosaurs in the fossil record, but because of its large size and since it has been known about for more than 110 years, Ankylosaurus has become an iconic example within the Thyreophora.

The Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (Plain) Colour Scheme

Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (Plain).

Rebor Ankylosaurus War Pig (Plain) colour scheme.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The “Plain” colour scheme is certainly colourful with overtones of clay and a strong marmalade hue.  As with all the Rebor War Pig figures, the model is in approximately 1:35 scale and the tail, which comes as a separate piece, is flexible, permitting that powerful tail club to be placed in several poses.

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Rebor War Pig Woodland Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus is ecologically rare in Late Cretaceous palaeoenvironments.  Edmontonia, for example is much better known from similarly aged deposits.  These two members of the Thyreophora may have inhabited different habitats, Edmontonia calling low lying, flood plain habitats home and Ankylosaurus living elsewhere.  But where?  Hence the three colour schemes from Rebor, “Plain”, “Woodland” and “Mountain”.

The “Woodland” Version of Ankylosaurus magniventris by Rebor

Rebor Ankylosaurus "Woodland".

Rebor “Woodland” Ankylosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To read an article which explains why Ankylosaurus is regarded as atypical of the Ankylosauridae: Ankylosaurus – Not Your Typical Ankylosaur

Rebor War Pig Mountain Ankylosaurus

The third colour variant is the Rebor War Pig “Mountain” Ankylosaurus.  This figure, like the other two, measures a fraction under twenty-nine centimetres in length.  Rebor have therefore suggested (1:35 scale), that this Late Cretaceous armoured dinosaur, one of the last of its kind measured around ten metres in length.   That is around the range stated in the latest scientific papers regarding A. magniventris, it was certainly a very large dinosaur, around the size of a school bus.

The Rebor 1:35 scale War Pig Ankylosaurus – Mountain Colour Scheme

Rebor Ankylosaurus figure "Mountain".

Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus “Mountain”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

For dinosaur fans and model collectors, Rebor has generously provided them with three different versions of this iconic dinosaur to collect.  Each one has been beautifully crafted and collectors can select the one they prefer, or perhaps they can choose the version that they think best reflects the habitat which this very famous herbivorous dinosaur might have roamed some sixty-six million years ago.