Dinosaur Trackway Biscuits

Tracksites and fossilised footprints can tell palaeontologists a lot about the behaviour of long extinct animals.  These fossils are called “trace fossils”, as they preserve the activity of animals.  Unlike “body” fossils such as bones and teeth, which may have been transported after death a long way from where the animal died, most trace fossils are direct evidence of the environment at the time and place the organism was living.

Everything Dinosaur received some pictures from a young dinosaur fan from Germany who had used a dinosaur model to make a wonderful trace fossil biscuit.

Dinosaur Model Used to Make a Biscuit Trackway

Dinosaur model used to make footprints in a biscuit.

Dinosaur model used to make a biscuit trackway.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

What a very clever idea!  Everything Dinosaur team members are always pleased to see how various prehistoric animal themed toys are used in such creative ways, the biscuit dough makes a wonderful media to preserve the dinosaur footprints.  The dinosaur model used for the biscuit trackways was a Papo Parasaurolophus.

The Baked Dinosaur Biscuit Trackway

Baked dinosaur footprints biscuit.

A baked dinosaur trackway biscuit.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Art Imitates Science

Recently, Everything Dinosaur wrote an article about the discovery of a single slab of rock that preserved a collection of prehistoric animal footprints, including several types of dinosaur tracks.  The block, found in the grounds of NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Centre (Maryland, USA), holds the fossilised tracks of several dinosaurs, flying reptiles and preserved tracks of early mammals.

A Diagram Highlighting the Numerous Prehistoric Animal Tracks Preserved on a Single Slab of Rock

Trackway depicts many prehistoric animal tracks.

Prehistoric animal trackway illustration.

Picture Credit: Scientific Reports

To read our article on this amazing fossil discovery: Stepping into the Lower Cretaceous of Maryland

Our congratulations to the young dinosaur fan from Germany, what an innovative way to use dinosaur models and toys.

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