What is Your Favourite Book About Dinosaurs?

Yesterday, was World Book Day, an opportunity to celebrate books, authors, illustrations and the joy of reading.  For part of the day team members were tweeting and re-tweeting the various pictures put up on social media that highlighted the numerous activities taking place at schools that we had recently visited to deliver dinosaur workshops.  We received lots of emails and we responded to all those that required a reply, praising the efforts of the children, teachers and other grown-ups who had worked so hard to make World Book Day memorable.

In one of the email that we received, we were asked to nominate our favourite book about dinosaurs.

Our Nominated Favourite Dinosaur Book (Childhood Favourite)

Favourite dinosaur book.

Book about dinosaurs.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Favourite Dinosaur Book

Choosing a favourite dinosaur book from our substantial collection was quite hard.  However, after much deliberation we chose “Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Reptiles”.  This publication was first put into print in the mid 1960’s, the text by Jane Werner Watson guides the reader through geological time and focuses on the rise of the dinosaurs.  The illustrations are by Rudolph F Zallinger and they are beautiful, although like the few facts in this book, they are now hopelessly inaccurate and out of date.  Zallinger painted wonderfully detailed landscapes, populated by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.  We love the small details in Zallinger’s paintings, the tiny mammal appearing next to the giant Triceratops, the beautifully crafted plants and the woodland that forms the backdrop to a dramatic illustration of Ornitholestes attempting to catch Archaeopteryx.  We know that Ornitholestes and Archaeopteryx lived in different parts of the world, but as children this book really captured our imaginations and helped to fuel a life-long fascination with ancient animals, fossils and life in the past.

The Joy of Reading – Browsing Books

The joy of reading.

Browsing books – celebrating the joy of reading.

Picture Credit: The Frankfurt Book Fair Press

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