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4 03, 2018

Celebrating 300 Unique School Blog Posts

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Everything Dinosaur Celebrates 300 School Blog Posts

Everything Dinosaur team members have posted up 300 articles onto their school blog!  Since we started this special “dinosaurs for schools” blog site, highlighting examples of excellent teaching and helping schools deliver lessons about dinosaurs, fossils, extinction and life in the past, we have steadily built up our collection of blog posts.  Today, we mark reaching the achievement of posting up number 300!

Everything Dinosaur Team Members Celebrate the Achievement of Reaching Blog Post Number Three Hundred

Everything Dinosaur dinosaur themed educational resources.
Teaching tips, articles, resources and free downloads. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Thank You from Everything Dinosaur

A special thank you to all the contributors who sent letters, drawings and other amazing prehistoric animal-themed items into our offices.  A big thanks to all the teachers, learning support assistants, senior leadership team members and parents who gave their permission for us to post up examples of children’s work.  We look forward to posting up another 300 articles featuring the various activities and extensions that come out of our dinosaur and fossil workshops.  A big thank you to all our “dinosaurs for schools” blog readers too, we really do appreciate all the feedback and comments that we receive and yes, we do read them all and we respond to all those that require a reply.

Next week, we have more dinosaur workshops to deliver and our team members have volunteered to answer questions about dinosaurs compiled by children in a Reception class located in North Wales, it should be another exciting and fascinating week at Everything Dinosaur.

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4 03, 2018

Celebrating 4,000 Unique Blog Posts

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Everything Dinosaur Reaches Landmark of 4,000 Blog Posts

Team members at Everything Dinosaur are celebrating the landmark of having achieved 4,000 blog posts.  Since our first article was posted up in May 2007, a lot has happened in the world of palaeontology and the Earth sciences in general.  We have done our best to update readers on these exciting developments, covering news stories, fossil discoveries, new dinosaurs, updates on extinction theories, breakthroughs in the use of research technologies and so much more.

For model collectors and dinosaur fans, we have seen entire ranges come and go and just like the study of the Dinosauria, which is often thought of being in a golden age of discovery, so collectors of models seem to be in a golden age when it comes to prehistoric animal replicas and figures.

Everything Dinosaur Celebrates Posting Up 4,000 Blog Articles

4,000 articles on the Everything Dinosaur blog.
Everything Dinosaur celebrates posting up 4,000 blog articles.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur – Our First Thank You

A very big thank you to all the researchers, press officers, undergraduates, university professors, field team members, media companies, professional palaeontologists, dedicated fossil collectors, teachers, manufacturers, scientists and prehistoric animal fans who have shared stories with us so that we can post them up on this weblog.  We really do appreciate all the help and assistance that we have had along the way.

Our Iguanodon Gives Everyone a Big Thumbs Up!

Iguanodon thumbs up!
Praise from a dinosaur!  A big thank you to all our contributors and to our readers. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our Second Thank You

Also, a very big thank you to all our readers, feedback providers, reviewers, commentators, email senders, letter writers, picture takers and so forth that have helped keep our blog so fresh, vibrant and diverse.  We will continue to strive to bring you updates on research, information on new discoveries and photographs of fossils and other amazing wonders.  Next week’s blog postings are already in place, we can’t give too much away at this time as a number of them have embargoes, but what we can say is that the next few posts will reflect the aims and objectives of our weblog, to educate, inform and indulge fans of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

Everything Dinosaur Working with Major Universities

One article scheduled for release next week has been written with the co-operation of the University of Manchester, it covers research into an aspect of Cretaceous theropod behaviour.  Another article prepared and ready for adding in the next few days has been compiled in collaboration with Eofauna Scientific Research, we will be announcing the next prehistoric animal figure in this exciting, new model range.  We will also be posting up some exclusive photographs of the new Eofauna Scientific Research model.

To view the Eofauna range of prehistoric animal figures: Eofauna Scientific Research Models.

Wonder what exciting scientific developments, discoveries and new products we will be covering in the next 1,000 posts?

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