Josh Sent Us a Drawing of a Dinosaur (Omnivore)

A big thank you to Josh who sent in a drawing of a spiky omnivorous dinosaur to our offices.  Josh decided to call his green and brown dinosaur “Joshrex”.  Josh is seven years of age and he is a big fan of dinosaurs, especially Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Dinosaur Drawing Sent in by Josh

Josh sent in a dinosaur drawing to Everything Dinosaur.

The omnivorous dinosaur drawing by Josh (age 7).

Picture Credit: Josh

Labelling a Drawing of a Dinosaur

Josh went to the trouble of labelling his dinosaur drawing for us.  In the letter enclosed with his illustration, Josh explained that this was a dinosaur that ate both plants and meat, this is what the term omnivore means.  Thanks for the explanation Josh, we also appreciate your comments about the dinosaur having big eyes so that it could see its food properly and that the tail spikes were to help the dinosaur to protect itself from attack by other prehistoric monsters.

Well done for spelling the word “omnivore” correctly.  Josh added that he wanted to be a palaeontologist when he gets older.  Perhaps, he will discover a new type of dinosaur, even an omnivore!

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