CollectA Gigantspinosaurus and CollectA Excalibosaurus Video Reviews

Matthew the Dinosaur King’s YouTube channel has nearly 150 dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed videos on it.  In the last few days, two new videos have been posted, both reviews of new for 2017 CollectA Prehistoric Life models.  Matthew has provided a video review of the Chinese basal stegosaurid Gigantspinosaurus and the English Jurassic marine reptile Excalibosaurus and both videos are extremely informative.

Matthew the Dinosaur King Presents a Video Review of the CollectA Gigantspinosaurus

Video Credit: Matthew the Dinosaur King (YouTube channel)

Matthew’s YouTube channel has over 6,000 subscribers (that’s awesome) and we at Everything Dinosaur enjoy seeing the various prehistoric animal reviews and other items that the enthusiastic channel owner posts up.  It is a great channel for fans of dinosaurs and dinosaur model collecting, to subscribe: Matthew the Dinosaur King Videos

The CollectA Gigantspinosaurus Model (CollectA Prehistoric Life Series)

In the Gigantspinosaurus video, which lasts a little over five minutes, viewers are given the opportunity to have a really good look at this exotic member of the Thyreophora.  It is one of a number of armoured dinosaurs that have been added to the CollectA Prehistoric Life model series over the years, it is good to see such a wide variety of armoured dinosaurs in the range.  The narrator pays special attention to those amazing parascapular spines, although the anatomical position of these huge “comma-like” spines is still debated and their exact purpose open to some speculation, most palaeontologists would agree with the way in which these structures are portrayed in the CollectA model.  All praise to the video maker for taking time out to show the detail on the small head, including on the inside of the mouth.   In the video, the colour scheme is commented upon, like the narrator, we at Everything Dinosaur like the choice of colours.

The CollectA Excalibosaurus Marine Reptile Model

The CollectA Excalibosaurus Video Review

Video Credit: Matthew the Dinosaur King (YouTube channel)

In this short video (duration 3:43), the narrator provides information about when this bizarre marine reptile lived, how big it was and where its fossils have been found.  The CollectA Excalibosaurus model is then reviewed with the model being shown at lots of different angles so that would-be collectors can get a good look at this replica.  Towards the end of the video the CollectA Deluxe Pliosaurus model is introduced to provide a size comparison.  It’s helpful when various models are compared side by side, although for the Excalibosaurus in this case, it does not end well, with the narrator placing the figure in the jaws of the giant Pliosaurus.

Videos like these permit fans of prehistoric animal models and figures to discuss their collection, to highlight the details in certain models and to inform and educate the viewers about what scientists have deduced about these long extinct animals from their fossils.  We urge our blog readers to checkout Matthew the Dinosaur King’s YouTube channel.

To view the CollectA Gigantspinosaurus and the CollectA Excalibosaurus figures and the rest of the CollectA Prehistoric Life model range: CollectA Prehistoric Life models

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