The New Schleich Herrerasaurus Dinosaur Model is Reviewed

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A Video Review of the Schleich Herrerasaurus Dinosaur Model

Those clever people at JurassicCollectables have produced another dinosaur model video review.  This time it is the Schleich “First Giants” Herrerasaurus that is in the spotlight.  This figure was introduced by Schleich in 2016 and Herrerasaurus has been in the news lately following the publication of a scientific paper that reclassifies the Dinosauria.  The paper, written by a number of eminent palaeontologists, including researchers from the Natural History Museum and Bristol University, puts the Herrerasauridae, the family to which Herrerasaurus belongs, outside of the Dinosauria.  Herrerasaurus may not have been a dinosaur after all.

The Schleich Herrerasaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

In this short video (duration a little under five minutes), a Herrerasaurus dinosaur model is unwrapped and put on the display turntable.  The narrator discusses the model and highlights some of the features, including the quaint, retro, almost 1950s feel of the model.

The Schleich Herrerasaurus Dinosaur Model Video Review

Video credit: JurassicCollectables

The video review gives model collectors the opportunity to see this quite large dinosaur model up close.  The model may have a retro, almost “stop motion” feel to it, as pointed out by the narrator but there are still some lovely touches, such as the wet, glossy look to the inside of the nostrils and the careful paint job done on the eye and down the flanks.  The narrator summaries the Schleich “First Giants” Herrerasaurus succinctly when he says that “this is an early dinosaur that reminds you of an early toy dinosaur.”

JurassicCollectables on YouTube

JurassicCollectables have an amazing YouTube channel which is full of dinosaur model reviews and other very informative and interesting videos.  This YouTube channel has tens of thousands of subscribers, that’s an incredible achievement, our congratulations to everyone at JurassicCollectables for such a brilliant YouTube channel.

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The Schleich “First Giants” Herrerasaurus Dinosaur Model

Schleich Herrerasaurus dinosaur model.

Available in the summer of 2016 from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Thanks, JurassicCollectables for your video review of Herrerasaurus (H. ischigualastensis), it may not be technically a dinosaur any more, but it is still great to see a manufacturer creating models of Triassic animals.

To read about the reclassification of the Dinosauria and the subsequent implications for Herrerasaurus: Root and Branch Reform of the Dinosaur Family Tree.

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