Model Dinosaurs Made by an Artist

Children at Barford Primary (Year 1), have been studying dinosaurs at school and Everything Dinosaur came along to give them an insight into how fossils form and what they can tell us about life in the past.

The Year 1 classes have a wonderful and spacious sports hall for them to enjoy.  On the walls of the sports hall and elsewhere in the school, which is located in the heart of Ladywood (Birmingham, West Midlands), are some wonderful paintings of characters from children’s literature.  These inspirational paintings feature some classic scenes and characters from children’s books, such as “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett as well as more modern tales such as those by J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter).

Beautiful Model Dinosaurs

What caught our dinosaur expert’s eye were the large models of various animals on display throughout the school.  There were even two large dinosaur models, a Stegosaurus and a very colourful Tyrannosaurus rex.

A Stegosaurus Dinosaur Model on Display at Barford Primary School

Beautiful model dinosaurs.  A colourful Stegosaurus model.

A colourful Stegosaurus model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Barford Primary School

The school provides its pupils with lots of interesting “hands on” experiences and the fossil and dinosaur workshop was enjoyed by the two classes of Year 1 children.  The school often invites musicians and artists from the local community to work with the children to help create an inspiring learning environment.  Lurking behind a corner, keeping watch on the comings and goings, was a five-foot-high model of T. rex.

Tyrannosaurus rex on Display at the School

Beautiful dinosaur models.  A model of T. rex.

The Barford T. rex dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Barford Primary School

Brightly Coloured Dinosaur Models

We are not quite sure as to the colouration of the models, we suspect that many dinosaurs were brightly coloured and there was plenty of counter shading within the Order Dinosauria, but multi-coloured squares might be pushing the bounds of reason a bit too far.  However, with these fantastic models and the beautiful paintings, the children certainly have a super learning environment.

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Our dinosaur expert was given a set of questions that the children from each class had composed.  He did his best to answer them and praised the children for their excellent handwriting.  Such experiences such as a dinosaur and fossil workshop reinforce understanding of a term topic and help develop a greater enthusiasm for learning.

We are sure that the Stegosaurus and the wonderful Tyrannosaurus rex approved.

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