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17 01, 2017

Inspiring Dinosaur Day

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An Inspiring Dinosaur Day

A day of teaching about dinosaurs and fossils with Foundation Stage pupils as well as Key Stage 1 children and a class of Year 3 at a primary school in Lancashire this week.  The dinosaur workshops that we delivered went down very well with the eager and enthusiastic young palaeontologists.  The teaching team also had a great time too.  The visitor from Everything Dinosaur was given a tour of the school and at lunchtime, he was able to view some of the amazing dinosaurs the children had designed – all part of an extension activity that he had set them during their workshop.  A special section of the school had been turned into an “Explorers Area”, lots of arts and craft activities were underway and members of the teaching team explained their plans about creating a “Dinosaur Museum” for the duration of the term topic.

Lots of Dinosaur Themed Artwork on Display in the “Explorers Area”

Dinosaur stencils.

Colourful dinosaur stencils.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Inspiring Teachers and Teaching Assistants

The staff at the school are dedicated to continuous improvement and life-long learning.  As part of a teacher training initiative, the school administrators had been exploring what it takes to be “world class”.  There were lots of pictures of inspirational people as well several inspiring quotations in the well-appointed and tidy staffroom.

Committed to “World Class” Teaching

Inspiring teachers/teacher training.

Helping to train and motivate teachers.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

We look forward to hearing more about how the school’s “Dinosaur Museum” develops.  It is bound to prove inspiring for the pupils.

17 01, 2017

Young Explorers at Ansdell Primary

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Pupils at Ansdell Primary Study Dinosaurs

Children at Ansdell Primary in Lytham St Annes (Lancashire), learned about prehistoric animals with a dinosaur themed workshop from Everything Dinosaur.  The pupils in Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and a class of Year 3 were given the chance to get their hands on real fossils and to explore life in the past when a team member visited their school.  A special room had been set up by the dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff, a space that was referred to as the “Explorers Area”, it was full of exciting and challenging dinosaur and fossil themed craft activities for the children to try.  Part of the wall had an enormous prehistoric landscape mural painted on it, including erupting volcanoes – what a stimulating learning environment for the eager, young palaeontologists!

The Prehistoric Wall Mural in the “Explorers Area”

A prehistoric landscape mural.

A colourful prehistoric landscape helps to inspire children.

Picture Credit: Ansdell Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Many of the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children helped to create the landscape painting, it is a very colourful wall mural and we think the huge volcano is brilliant.

Jurassic Arts and Crafts

The “Explorers Area” helps to reinforce learning with a focus on particular aspects of the term topic.  With the topic this term all about dinosaurs, a sand tray had been placed in the centre of the room and within the tray various plastic bones had been hidden.  Children were challenged to dig for the bones just like a palaeontologist and then they were asked to measure them and sort them in order of size.  This activity is a great way to get young children more confident with rulers and measuring cubes and helps them feel more comfortable when using numbers.  Art straws had been used to make a number of different dinosaur skeletons and some of the children had been sketching fossils using charcoal pencils.  Another group had been painting dinosaur themed pictures using stencils, this too, had led to the creation of a very colourful display.

Dinosaur Stencil Paintings on Display in the “Explorers Area”

Colourful dinosaur illustrations

The children created lots of colourful dinosaur stencil drawings.

Picture Credit: Ansdell Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Design Your Own Dinosaur

As part of a number of extension activities set by Everything Dinosaur, the children were challenged to design their very own dinosaur.  As well as creating a prehistoric animal, the Everything Dinosaur team member asked the children to label various body parts, to consider how their dinosaur might survive in the Jurassic and what colour it might be.  The children were asked to think of a suitable name for their creation and some beautiful and very imaginative drawings were shown to our fossil expert over the course of the day.

 For further information on Everything Dinosaur’s dinosaur and fossil workshops: Contact Everything Dinosaur

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