Great Dinosaur Workshop Venue at Rykneld Primary

The magnificent, recently built sports hall at Rykneld Primary (Burton-on-Trent), was home to Everything Dinosaur for the day as it provided the venue for a series of dinosaur workshops with Key Stage 1.  The sports hall was very spacious.  It permitted the three form cohorts making up Year 1 and Year 2, plenty of space to conduct the physical activities to help reinforce learning about fossils and life in the past in a dinosaur workshop.

A Wonderful Resource for a Primary School

A great venue for a dinosaur workshop.

A wonderful venue for a dinosaur workshop. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Dinosaur Workshop

One of the teaching assistants informed the Everything Dinosaur staff member that one of the children who had taken part had confided with her and exclaimed “it’s my best day ever”! 

Team members at Everything Dinosaur are very adaptable and they can conduct their fossil and dinosaur themed workshops in a variety of locations from outdoor marquees, classrooms, school halls to magnificent buildings such as the new sports hall at Rykneld Primary.

A spokesperson from the Cheshire-based company stated:

“When you see some of the facilities in primary schools these days, it makes you feel very jealous of all the children.  What fantastic facilities and we know how much the pupils and the teachers appreciate them.”

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The sports hall at this school is certainly well used, no sooner had the day of dinosaur themed workshops ended all the fossils had to be packed up in readiness for this building’s use by the after-school club.

The sports hall at Rykneld Primary school certainly made a magnificent venue for a Key Stage 1 dinosaur workshop.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.