Praising All Dinosaur Model Reviewers

At Everything Dinosaur, we get lots of emails and letters from fans of dinosaurs and prehistoric animal model collecting.  We do read them all and we respond to all those that require a reply.  Answering questions and commenting on all the amazing things that we get sent from our customers is something that we have always tried to do.  These days, the overwhelming majority of our correspondence is via email, the number of letters that we receive as a proportion of the total is dropping year on year.

Dinosaur Model Reviewers

However, we do get a great many thank you letters from school children who have taken part in our dinosaur and fossil themed workshops.  We are keen to encourage the children with their hand-writing and a thank you letter makes a great extension exercise for the teachers.

We also receive lots of links to videos that dinosaur model fans have made.  A wide variety of subjects are covered, from comments about model collections, suggestions for new replicas, unboxing videos, lists of favourite dinosaurs even homemade “Jurassic Park” movies.  We do our best to watch as many as we can, although, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, what with all our other commitments.

Creating YouTube Model Reviews

Around ten days ago, we were emailed by the father of a young dinosaur fan who contacted us to thank Everything Dinosaur for the speedy dispatch of some dinosaur models.  We were also informed, that, like many of our customers, his son posted up prehistoric animal themed videos.  The young man’s video channel contains reviews of his Everything Dinosaur purchases, collection updates, as well as video game footage.  The eager young video maker goes by the moniker “TheDinosaurMan 245”.

Everything Dinosaur Unboxing Video by “TheDinosaurMan 245”

Video credit: “TheDinosaurMan 245”

In Praise of All the Dinosaur Model Video Makers

We make some videos ourselves, these are our way of helping to pass on some of the background on new models as well as providing information about the prehistoric animals the models represented.  With so much going on in the company, we just don’t get the time to make as many as we would like.  Those videos we have made, have had millions of views and we are grateful for every “like” and comment received.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

Today, we pay tribute to all those collectors of dinosaurs and prehistoric animal models, who take the time and trouble to share their passion and enthusiasm for this hobby.

Reviewing a Prehistoric Animal Model

Rebor Saurophaganax in the "Badlands" colour scheme, the product video showcase.

The Rebor Saurophaganax maximus in a scale of 1:35. This is the Notorious Big “Badlands” colour variants, one of three versions produced and the first to have a product video showcase posted up on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The image (above) shows a Rebor dinosaur model.  To see the range of Rebor dinosaurs available: Rebor Replicas, Models and Figures.

Our thanks to “TheDinosaurMan 245” and to everyone like him, who are fascinated with dinosaurs and enjoying telling the world about their collections.

Take a look at the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.