There’s a Dinosaur Behind You!

Another busy morning for a member of the teaching team at Everything Dinosaur.  Today, it was an early start and off to Three Peaks Academy in the sunny West Midlands to work with two classes of eager Reception children.  The children had only just started attending the school for the entire school day and their first ever term topic is dinosaurs.  The budding young palaeontologists had already excavated some dinosaur bones and built a safe play area for the prehistoric animal models that had taken up residence in the well-appointed classrooms.

Lots of super listening skills on display and both classes were able to beat our fossil expert in the ammonite fish catching game, so that means stickers all round.

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Lurking at the back of the spacious hall, the location for today’s dinosaur workshops with the Reception classes, was a huge, blue dinosaur.  Our dinosaur expert thinks that none of the children spotted the dinosaur, even the teacher looked surprised when she was informed.  Can you spot a blue dinosaur?

A Big Blue Dinosaur Spotted at Three Peaks Academy

School hall has a dinosaur in a mural.

A mural that features a big, blue dinosaur in a school hall.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Big, Blue Dinosaur

Can the children work out what the dinosaur’s name might be?  It’s not a Lexovisaurus or a Liliensternus that’s for sure, two dinosaurs that we discussed with Lexie and Lilly, promising to email over pictures of the dinosaurs that have similar names to their own.  What food did this big blue dinosaur eat?  Perhaps the dinosaur themed word mats that we provided as extension materials along with the other resources we sent to the teacher, could provide a clue.

During our dinosaur workshop with each Reception class we challenged the children to have a go at drawing their very own dinosaur.  Our dinosaur expert wanted to see lots of colourful pictures and could the children label their dinosaur’s body parts, especially the skull?

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