Spinosaurus and Pterosaur Prehistoric Scene

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Spinosaurus and Anhanguera Prehistoric Diorama

Our thanks to the very talented Paleo Paul who sent us in a couple of pictures of his latest prehistoric scene that he had created.  A pterosaur looks down on the meal of a Spinosaurus, a giant fish that this sail-backed reptile has just caught for itself.  We really appreciate all the pictures, drawings and images we get sent and yes, we do look at them all and respond to all those that request a reply.

A Prehistoric Scene

A Spinosaurid and Pterosaur Inspired Prehistoric Scene

Cretaceous prehistoric animal scene.

Papo Spinosaurus and Schleich Anhanguera pterosaur models re-painted and modified.

Picture credit: Paleo Paul

The spinosaurid is a re-painted and re-modelled Papo Spinosaurus and very splendid it is too.  The pterosaur flying over the scene is a Schleich Anhanguera replica, which also has had a makeover by Paleo Paul.  It is always a challenge to paint water well and we commend the artist for this excellent effort, the Spinosaurus really does look at home on the shore.

To view the Schleich prehistoric animal model range: Schleich Dinosaur Models.

Paleo Paul Comments

Paleo Paul stated:

“The Spinosaurus has a central nasal crest added in conjunction with later discoveries.  The fish is Xiphactinus from the excellent Pegasus model kits.  All models slightly modified. Really get a buzz out of doing these compositions!”

A Wider Angle View of the Prehistoric Scene

Prehistoric animal model scene.

Papo Spinosaurus and Schleich Anhanguera Pterosaur models re-painted and modified.

Picture credit: Paleo Paul

Thanks for sending in these pictures, we too get a big buzz out of seeing such well-constructed dioramas.

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