Everything Dinosaur and Summer Schools

The school holidays in the United Kingdom might be in full swing but for Everything Dinosaur’s intrepid teaching team the outreach work with schools does not stop.  The fossil and dinosaur experts have committed to a number of summer school sessions once again and team members are fitting in school visits in amongst their various other projects including fossil hunting and field work.  Yesterday, was typical for the Everything Dinosaur teaching team.  There was a summer school workshop in the morning and a second dinosaur themed workshop at another school in the afternoon.  In total, something like sixty children ranging in age from six years to twelve years of age were treated to some dinosaur and fossil fun.

Preparing Mini Fossil Dig Kits for Use at Summer Schools

Dinosaur Fossil Digging Area

A super hands on activity for FS2

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The photograph above shows a special fossil dig site.  It  had been prepared prior to a summer school visit.  In a typical two-hour session, the children explored dinosaurs and handled real fossils of prehistoric animals.  Fossil casts were made of giant shark teeth and various dinosaur bones and teeth.  Our dinosaur experts were on hand to help the budding young palaeontologists hunt for fossils using the mini fossil digs that had been prepared.

For educational, dinosaur themed toys and games: Educational Dinosaur Toys, Gifts and Games.

The excited and enthusiastic children had fun identifying teeth from prehistoric sharks, bivalves, brachiopods, rugose corals, ammonites and belemnite guards.  A couple of pieces of fossilised bone were also discovered in the carefully prepared dig kits our teaching team had got ready.  Best of all, the children got to keep the fossils that they found.

Summer School Activities

With child care difficult to obtain and in some cases, very expensive, summer schools provide a wonderful resource for parents and guardians who are not able to spend as much time with their children as they would like over the holiday period.  Summer schools offer a wide range of activities and the best run providers work hard to ensure that the workshops they deliver support learning and personal development.

Tyrannosaurus rex Features in One of Everything Dinosaur’s Summer School Games

Rebor "retrosaur" Californiacation T. rex figure has an articulated jaw.

The Rebor “retrosaur” Californiacation T. rex figure has an articulated lower jaw.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For models of Tyrannosaurus rex and other prehistoric animals: Wild Safari Prehistoric World Models and Figures.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Summer schools provide a range of activities for children and the very best schemes provide support to the national curriculum and help with learning as well as the development of life-long social skills.  Our dinosaur and fossil themed workshops are extremely popular and we tend to be inundated with requests from summer scheme providers.  This makes juggling our other commitments to museums and our own field work quite difficult.  Still, it’s all in a day’s work for our team members.”

We wish all summer school providers and volunteers every success with their summer school programmes.

Contact Everything Dinosaur

Organisers of summer school schemes can contact Everything Dinosaur to enquire about our science outreach work: Contact Everything Dinosaur.