A Visit to a Welsh School to Teach About Dinosaurs

As the summer term progresses, so Everything Dinosaur team members continue to fulfil their commitments to schools across the country.  Lots of dinosaur themed and fossil workshops have been delivered by our enthusiastic team members so far this term, our most recent involved a trip to Wales to work with the children at Forden Church in Wales School.  As part of a series of extension activities we had planned in support of the teachers, we asked the mixed Year 3 and Year 4 class to have a go at writing letters to us about dinosaurs.  We challenged the budding young palaeontologists to send in questions about prehistoric animals.

Fossil Workshops

One of the Letters from the Year 3/4 Class at the School

Key Stage 2 dinosaur lettters.

An illustrated dinosaur letter.

Picture credit: Forden Church of Wales Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

Thank You Letters

We received lots of letters and there were some excellent examples of handwriting.  Well done to class Year 3/4.  We emailed over our answers to the teacher and provided other links and resources to help the children to research the answers to some of the questions that they had posed.

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Dan wrote in and like most of the children, he illustrated his dinosaur themed letter with a drawing.

Answering Questions Posed by Children (Forden Church in Wales School)

Children write letters about dinosaurs.

Ben wanted to know how many fossils we had found?

Picture credit: Forden Church of Wales Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

Which Prehistoric Animal is This?

Dan wanted to know the name of the prehistoric animal that he had enquired about.  We think it is a mosasaur, not a dinosaur but a reptile, an animal that would have used its powerful flippers and tail for swimming.

Dan Wanted to Know What Type of Animal is This?

Different mosasaurs. The Royal Tyrrell Museum has a mosasaur exhibit.

Comparing different models of mosasaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It’s a super image.  These are models and replicas of an ancient marine reptile distantly related to snakes.  The models are mosasaurs.

To view models of mosasaurs and other prehistoric creatures: Prehistoric Animal Models.

The teacher emailed Everything Dinosaur to say:

“Once again a big thank you from all of us at Forden School.  Thank you for answering the children’s questions, I will print them out for them tomorrow and they can read your answers.  We are going to start our ‘design a dinosaur’ challenge tomorrow and I will send  you a selection of our dinosaur designs.  Thank you again for a fabulous morning.”

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