An Attractive Classroom Dinosaur Display

Whilst visiting Great Wood Primary school in Lancashire to deliver a dinosaur themed workshop for two classes of Year 2 children, Everything Dinosaur’s fossil expert was given the opportunity to view the spacious classrooms.  The school, located in Morecambe is expanding and a number of building projects have taken place but skilful planning has kept any disruption to the teaching scheme of work to a minimum.  The Year 2 children are just starting their dinosaur term topic and under the enthusiastic tutelage of the teaching team they have already explored a number of key ideas related to life in the past.

A Dinosaur Drawing

Dinosaurs – Part of a Display Area in One of the Classrooms

Dinosaur drawing.

Blake sent a dinosaur drawing to Everything Dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The photograph above shows a dinosaur drawing created by young Blake.  The dinosaur drawing exercise was undertaken as part of an extension activity.  This will help to tie in cross-curriculum aspects of the term topic, in this instance, scientific working exploring dinosaurs being linked to geography.  The wall, part of a series of “wow walls” set up by the teachers to showcase the children’s work all have plenty of space on them to allow some of the work undertaken by the children, examples of dinosaur posters and fiction writing, to be posted up so that parents and other school visitors can view how the topic has been developed.

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Dinosaur Workshop

The children really enjoyed the dinosaur workshops we delivered and given the exciting scheme of work the teaching team have developed, we are confident that these budding young scientists will find this topic great fun.

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