Giant Dinosaur from Argentina Appears on Television

The huge fossilised bones of the biggest dinosaur discovered so far are to feature in a BBC television programme which is being shown on BBC1 on Sunday, 24th January.  The fossils of a enormous, long-necked dinosaur known as a titanosaur (tie-tan-oh-sore) were found in Argentina (South America).  One of the leg bones (the thigh bone) is so large that it cannot fit through a classroom door.

One of the Massive Bones of the Dinosaur

Huge dinosaur - huge thigh bone.

That is a very big thigh bone!

Picture credit: BBC

The photograph above shows television presenter Sir David Attenborough standing next to the leg bone of this newly discovered, plant-eating dinosaur.  In the BBC television programme that is being broadcast at 6.30pm on Sunday 24th January, Sir David explains how the fossils were found and what they can tell us about a dinosaur that was probably 10% bigger than the mighty Argentinosaurus, the current holder of the title of being the biggest dinosaur known to science.

Huge Dinosaur Does Not Have a Name Yet

Palaeontologists have been busy studying all the dinosaur bones (220 of them in total) and working out what the animal might have looked like when it was alive.  Trouble is, this dinosaur has not been given a name yet.  Can you suggest a name for this huge dinosaur?

  • Perhaps we could call it “Enor-mo-saur-rus?
  • How about Gi-gan-toe-don?
  • Or even Bigg-er-saur-us?

Can  you think of some lovely describing words and then use them to come up with your very own dinosaur name?

The Bones of the Biggest Dinosaur Discovered So Far

Huge dinosaur bones.

Potentially the biggest terrestrial animal known to science.

Picture credit: BBC

What Name Would Give to this Huge Dinosaur?

Patagotitan dinosaur model.

Patagotian dinosaur model.

At the end of the television programme a life-size model of the dinosaur will be revealed, it is 37 metres long, that’s longer than many school playgrounds?


This dinosaur has been formally named, it is Patagotitan mayorum.  Safari Ltd have made a model of this amazing dinosaur: Safari Ltd. Prehistoric World Models and Figures.

What Name Will You Come Up With?

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