Dinosaur Workshops Prove a “Roaring Success”

The team members at Everything Dinosaur have built up a strong reputation for their dinosaur workshops delivered in schools.  Our staff are keen to assist teaching teams and as well as providing very kinaesthetic and tactile dinosaur and fossil themed workshops which are tailored to suit the learning needs of each class, our teaching team are happy to provide advice, support and plenty of extra resources for extension activities.

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For example, at one school recently we suggested that the class set up their own special “Identify a Dinosaur” table.  Could the children use dinosaur books to identify the name of the various dinosaur and prehistoric animal models on the table?  This is a fun and very engaging activity that encourages independent research and enquiry amongst the class.

Can you Name the Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals?

Dinosaur workshops

A role play table for Year 1.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Workshops

As part of our work in schools, our team members get lots of lovely feedback from teachers and teaching assistants.

Here is the latest feedback sent into us by a Year 1 teacher after a dinosaur workshop with his class (Phoenix Primary School, London)

“A lovely workshop. The children were very engaged and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There were lots of positives.  The children enjoyed handling the artefacts and helping.  They also enjoyed acting out being dinosaurs stomping around the hall.   Following the session, the children were discussing it with their friends.  The follow up materials look lovely.  Going to plan to use them later this week!”

It is always a pleasure to hear from teachers that we have worked with, we are delighted to hear that the workshop was such a big success and that it has a very strong motivational effect on the pupils.  Everything Dinosaur is always happy to send out additional educational resources to help teaching teams and home educators.

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