Warrington’s Wonderful Dinosaurs

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A Morning with Year 1 and Reception (Winwick CE Primary)

October was a very busy month for the dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur with lots of school visits to squeeze in amongst all the other prehistoric animal projects that we were involved with.  On a Wednesday, towards the end of the month we delivered a dinosaur workshop to Reception and Year 1 pupils at Winwick CE Primary School (Warrington, Cheshire) and what a fun and fact filled morning it was.  The emphasis was on exploring dinosaurs and fossils so that the term topic could link into key areas of the national curriculum related to numeracy and literacy.

Lots of extension ideas and activities followed on from our visit, for example, we set the Year 1 children one of our special “pinkie palaeontologist challenges” – could they compose a thank you letter to Everything Dinosaur?

A Set of Wonderful Dinosaur Thank You Letters from Year 1

Dinosaurs Inspire Handwriting

Year 1 write thank you letters.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Sure enough, we received an envelope from the school, sent into us by the class teacher (Mrs Common) and inside we found a lovely set of thank you letters from the children.  Our dinosaur expert had asked the children to make sure they got their words onto the lines correctly, that they used capital letters and full stops.  In addition,  we wanted to see some wonderful spelling.

Amelia Says Thank You to Everything Dinosaur

Amelia says thank you.

Picture credit: Winwick CE Primary School and Everything Dinosaur

What super writing Amelia, well done you!

Dinosaur Workshop

Year One Class Send in Thank You Letters After Dinosaur Workshop

A thank you letter from Ethan. Well done!

Picture credit: Winwick CE Primary School and Everything Dinosaur

We enjoyed reading through the letters and we loved looking at the wonderful prehistoric animals that the children had drawn, especially the ammonites!

To discover more about Everything Dinosaur’s outreach work: Email Everything Dinosaur.

Commenting on the busy morning, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“We had a fantastic time working with the children.  Special thanks to Mrs Dudley, Mrs Hansley, Miss Abu and Mr Bate for their help and assistance on the day.  A big Iguanodon thumbs up to Mrs Cameron who even offered us some toast at break-time.”

It sounds like Everything Dinosaur were very well looked after at the school.  Dinosaurs as a term topic provides so many opportunities for children to gain confidence with their writing, develop their vocabularies and to practice simple addition and subtraction.  A big thank you to all the children who sent in letters to us, this is greatly appreciated.

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