A Beautiful Blue Tyrannosaurus rex Soft Toy

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A Large, Blue Tyrannosaurus rex Soft Toy

Everything Dinosaur have introduced a lovely, colourful soft toy of everybody’s favourite dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex!  It is part of the company’s extensive range of dinosaur soft toys and prehistoric animals.  Standing some thirty-two centimetres high and measuring an impressive forty-eight centimetres in length, this dinosaur soft toy is certainly an impressive size.

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Dylan’s mummy posted her review of this T. rex, she wrote:

“We brought this for my son’s 2nd birthday and since then he has to take him everywhere and packaging and service [from Everything Dinosaur] is brilliant.”

The Large, Blue Tyrannosaurus rex Soft Toy

A large, blue T. rex soft toy.

A large, blue T. rex soft toy.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Soft Toys and Prehistoric Animals

T. rex might have been the “tyrant lizard king”, but he has never looked so cute, we love the patterns on this big dinosaur’s sides and the care taken in giving him (or her) a set of fearsome teeth.  The colour of dinosaurs has been hotly debated and if you had been in North America towards the very end of the Cretaceous you might have seen a living Tyrannosaurus rex.  Surprisingly this seven tonne behemoth might have been covered in a coat of shaggy feathers.

Commenting on the blue Tyrannosaurus rex purchase from Everything Dinosaur, customer SK stated:

“Great dinosaur thank you, my boy is so happy with his dino x.”

The company’s buying team take great pride in choosing really tip-top dinosaur soft toys and the current range includes pink Triceratops, red Spinosaurs and green and brown Stegosaurs – what an eclectic and very colourful collection.

Everything Dinosaur Stocks a High Quality Range of Soft Toy Dinosaurs

A blue Tyrannosaurus rex soft toy.

A blue Tyrannosaurus rex soft toy.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of soft toy dinosaurs: Soft Toy Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals.

These dinosaur soft toys are suitable for children from one month and upwards and we love the way the eye looks like it is watching you warily.  Perhaps this dinosaur is going to attack, but he looks just to cuddly to be dangerous, unlike the actual dinosaur.  Tyrannosaurus rex could have swallowed a child whole, such was the size of this theropod’s jaws.  Now there’s a thought!