Why would a Dinosaur Not Make a Good Pet?

Dinosaurs as pets?  That was the question at the heart of Year 2’s science based term topic.  To help answer this question, the teaching team at Bishop King CE Primary School invited a team member from Everything Dinosaur to deliver a workshop on dinosaurs and fossils to each of the school’s two Year 2 classes.

Dinosaurs as Pets

The dinosaur themed workshop, part of a day of activities organised by Everything Dinosaur, proved to be extremely effective and the children were fully engaged and learned lots of amazing facts about prehistoric animals.

Year 2 Were Challenged to Design Their Own Dinosaur

Dinosaurs as pets

A big green dinosaur.

Picture credit: Bishop King CE Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

Extension Ideas

As part of a series of extension activities designed to help the children gain confidence with their handwriting, the dinosaur expert from Everything Dinosaur challenged the children to have a go at designing their very own dinosaur.  There were some wonderful and very creative examples.  The picture above shows a very colourful “Dimetriasaurus” designed by Dimetria.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised Dimetria for the prehistoric animal drawing.

To learn more about the team members at Everything Dinosaur: About Us.

Dinosaurs as Pets – An Intriguing Term Topic

The term topic is entitled would a dinosaur make a good pet?  It permits the children to explore concepts such as food chains, ecosystems, habitats, life cycles and extinction.  With the aid of the expert from Everything Dinosaur, the teaching team were able to utilise some resources provided by the company to challenge the children with some dinosaur themed mathematical challenges.

Everything Dinosaur stocks a variety of prehistoric animal toys and games: Dinosaur Toys, Prehistoric Animal Replicas.

The budding young palaeontologists at Bishop King CE Primary (based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire), certainly rose to the challenge and could not wait to have a go at creating their own prehistoric animals.  Lots of lovely drawings with clear, well annotated labels.  Well done Year 2!