Win a Dinosaur Soft Toy Competition Ends

Over the last month or so, Everything Dinosaur has been running a competition to win a dinosaur soft toy on this blog site and our accompanying Facebook page.  Just as we promised when we started our #votedinosaur contest back in April, the competition would close when the polls closed at 10pm BST on Thursday May 7th (the same time as the polls shut in the UK General Election).

We had seven candidates, having tried to represent the leaders of the seven main political parties with a dinosaur soft toy.  Each soft toy dinosaur being in the colours of the respective political party.  The voting was tight with lots of votes for “Nigel” our purple Triceratops and for “Nick” our yellow Velociraptor, but in the end there was almost a dead heat between “Ed” our red Spinosaurus and “Dave” our blue T. rex.

Win a Dinosaur Soft Toy

With the polls closed it was simply a question of ensuring that all the entrants were placed in our “ballot box” and a lucky winner being drawn out at random.  This person has subsequently been sent a message on Facebook to let them know that they have won a soft toy dinosaur.

As for the result of our #votedinosaur poll, here is our very own version of the “state of the parties” after our dinosaur election.

Heading for a Hung Parliament?

Vote Dinosaur.

Vote Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Tyrannosaurus Sue”

Our Returning Officer “Tyrannosaurus Sue” stated:

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the winner of the dinosaur soft toy, we will get this sent out as quickly as we can.  In addition, I want to thank everyone who took part, who shared our posts and liked Everything Dinosaur’s Facebook page.”


The Colourful Array of Dinosaur Soft Toys that were Our Candidates

Vote Dinosaur! #votedinosaur

Vote Dinosaur! #votedinosaur – this competition is now closed.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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