Recognising the Role of Women in Science and Education

Today, March 8th is International Women’s Day.  A day for celebrating the role of women in society, women in science and for championing the continuing struggle for equality.  Although, the origins of this special day go back to pre World War One, the fight to recognise the role of women in society continues and we at Everything Dinosaur, with our female boss, take time out to recognise the immense contribution of women to the Earth Sciences and science teaching.

Women in Science

Our team members have been lucky enough to have worked with some of the most enthusiastic and engaging science teachers in the country.  This dedicated group, many of which, at the Primary School level at least are women, are tasked with enthusing and motivating the next generation of scientists.

Take for example, Miss Sparre, a Primary School teacher we met last week.  As part of her mixed Year 1/FS2 classes’s study of dinosaurs they had turned part of the classroom into a dinosaur museum.  The children were eager to show off their museum to our fossil expert who had come to the school to conduct a dinosaur workshop.

A Science Museum in the Classroom

Come to our dinosaur museum!

Come to our dinosaur museum! Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists

Young Megan, (aged five), had been to the “Jurassic Coast” of Dorset and found lots of amazing ammonite and belemnite fossils, she was delighted to be able to explain what the fossils mean and we presented her with a drawing of what an ammonite looked like when it swam in the Mesozoic seas.  The contribution to science and education by women has been immense and with enthusiastic young Megan explaining that she too, wants to be a palaeontologist, the important role of women in science is set to continue.

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