A Customer Provides Feedback to Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur prides itself in providing exceptional customer service.  To date we have had posted onto our website Everything Dinosaur a total of 1,247 customer reviews, that’s a total of forty-seven reviews since we passed our landmark of 1,200 reviews on line on the 22nd December 2014.

In addition, we receive lots of emails and letters from customers telling us how pleased they are with our service and our products.  We are grateful for all the feedback and support that we receive.

Everything Dinosaur Feedback

Here is a typical comment emailed to us:

“I can only express my experience with high praise as I am greatly impressed on the incredible service that I have received.  Not only was the website easy to use to make an order but the continued support and peace of mind from yourself on my purchase increased my first time experience to make me want to sing your website with praise and guarantee a return visit for many more purchases.”

The customer added:

“Everything was packaged extremely well and the initial time of ordering and receiving my items was extremely satisfying.  I was further increased with joy on my order to receive very interesting fact sheets on the dinosaurs I purchased which ideally creates a very pleasant sense of care and detail put into my order than just putting items into a box.  I know it isn’t much but a hand written address also gives that personal touch that each of your items are well looked after and your wanting to ensure that every transaction runs smoothly.  Your full team are fantastic and have made a loyal returning customer out of me.”

It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers.

Always a Pleasure to Hear from Customers

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

” We all try our very best to help customers and to provide a very high level of customer care.  It is the extra touches such as taking time to hand write address labels so they are checked by a person, adding fact sheets to parcels and emailing customers to let them know that their order has been received that really sets Everything Dinosaur apart.”

Everything Dinosaur must be doing something right!  This small company made up of dedicated teachers and dinosaur experts has received nearly fifty reviews on its website, twenty-one 4* or better reviews on the teaching website since the turn of the year and sixty-three “likes” on its Facebook page since the 23rd February.