Encouraging Year 2 and Year 3 with Questions About Dinosaurs

Such was the enthusiasm for the dinosaur term topic with Year 2 and Year 3 pupils that we found ourselves holding an impromptu question and answer session with the classes after each or our dinosaur themed workshops had finished.  We were amazed by the questions the children came up with and we did our best to answer them all.

We advised the teaching team to continue the questioning activity after we had left the school.  A washing line can be hung up in the classroom with clothes pegs on it.  When the children want to ask a question about a dinosaur, simply get them to write it out and then pin it onto the “question washing line”.  This is a fun and very visual way for children to compile a list of questions about prehistoric animals as part of a dinosaur themed term topic, but this technique can be applied to any term topic being undertaken by the teaching team.

Prehistoric Animal and Dinosaur Themed Questions Asked

  • What was the biggest dinosaur?
  • How do fossils form?
  • Where did Triceratops live?
  • Who named all the dinosaurs?
  • When did the dinosaurs die out?
  • Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?

These were just some of the amazing questions the children asked us.  The ones that we did not get round to, we promised we would provide answers  if the children emailed them to us via the school email address, (an extension activity agreed with the teacher to help encourage the children with their ICT projects).

Questions About Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals

Questions all about dinosaurs.

All about dinosaurs. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Questions About Dinosaurs

A spokesperson for the teaching team at Everything Dinosaur thanked the children for their questions and stated:

“We will try our very best to answer all the questions that were provided by the children.  We might even get round to answering the queries provided by the teaching team too!”

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