Providing Information on Cambrian Critters

The Cambrian lasted for over fifty million years and in the latter part of this period in Earth’s geological history there was a huge increase in marine animal diversity.  The evolution of so many new forms of life is often referred to as the “Cambrian explosion” and thanks to localities such as British Columbia’s Burgess Shale and the amazing fossils from Chenjiang in China, palaeontologists have been able to build up a remarkably detailed picture of the fauna that flourished in the oceans of the world, during a time when our planet looked very different from today.

Cambrian Models

Thanks to the beautifully preserved fossils, scientists have been able to piece together marine ecosystems and to study the organisms the evolved in what is often regarded as the first truly significant evolutionary event in the history of life on Earth.  Those clever people at Safari Ltd produced a set of replicas of ancient creatures that represent typical examples of the Cambrian biota.

“Cambrian Life”

Entitled “Cambrian Life” the set includes eight models representing ancestral sponges, marine worms and, perhaps most significantly of all the Arthropoda, that huge phylum that includes the crustaceans, trilobites, spiders and insects.

The Cambrian Life Toob

Examples of the Cambrian biota.

Examples of the Cambrian biota.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Eight Beautiful Models

The eight models are very colourful and are great teaching aids.  Trouble is, there are no data sheets on these bizarre organisms included in this model set.

The other day Everything Dinosaur received an email from a customer, it read:

“Thank you for sending my order.  I wrapped the presents up and gave them to my friend’s son for Xmas.  He was delighted with them but in the Cambrian tube there was not a description leaflet as there was in the Prehistoric Crocodile tube.   Would it please be possible to send out the Cambrian Leaflet.  Many thanks.”

Cambrian Life Fact Cards

One of our team members wrote back and explained that there was no description leaflet made for the Cambrian Life Toob, however, we decided to do something about this ourselves.  We are much happier when it comes to researching vertebrates but over a morning we were able to produce four data cards. Each card features two of the prehistoric critters in the set, we have tried to provide a little more information, such as size, fossil finds and which type of animals the creature represented by the replica might be ancestral to.

A Cambrian Life Toob Data Card Made by Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur provides information on models in the Cambrian Life Toob

Everything Dinosaur provides information on models in the Cambrian Life Toob. Providing information on Cambrian critters.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We would not claim to be experts on Cambrian fauna, however, the models are so well made and great for school projects so we thought we would do our bit to help.

To see the range of Safari Ltd’s excellent prehistoric animal models: Safari Ltd. Prehistoric World Models and Figures.

We were able to email this information to the customer.  They were delighted with our customer service.