The Annual Stocktake at Everything Dinosaur

Now that Christmas is over and in the lull before the New Year, team members are going to be busy in the warehouse completing our annual stocktake.  This job gets bigger every year as we increase the range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed products that we have in our inventory.  However, mince pies and plenty of hot tea will keep our spirits up.

Everything Dinosaur Warehouse

In addition to this work, we have a number of other projects to complete related to this blog site.  For example, we need to compile a top ten list of the most popular blog articles over the last 12 months and publish the results of our annual survey that looks at the movers and shakers amongst prehistoric animals.  Whilst working on the annual stocktake we shall also be seeking views as to what we think is going to happen in palaeontology in 2015.  We shall have a go at making some predictions about what news stories we shall be covering on the Everything Dinosaur web log.

Team members shall also have the ignominious experience of looking at how our predictions made 12 months ago turned out.  It may be a case of having to eat some humble pie along with those mince pies.

Many New Products Added by Everything Dinosaur in 2014

The first of the dinosaur themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur.

The first of the dinosaur themed T-shirts from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture above shows some dinosaur themed T-shirts, to view the full range of dinosaur themed clothing available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Themed Clothing from Everything Dinosaur.

With new T-shirts, dinosaur toys, models and games having been added, this stocktake is going to be the biggest we have had to carry out so far.  Not to worry, many hands make light work and just think, when it is done we don’t have to worry about doing another major inventory check until this time next year.

Naturally, we shall continue to manage all the orders for our customers.

To view the full range of prehistoric animal themed items available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Toys, Models and Games.