Preparing for Christmas 2014

Everything Dinosaur is getting sorted for Christmas, and as part of our preparations we have added a festive signature to Everything Dinosaur’s outgoing emails.  Customers, who place an order with us receive a personal email from a team member just to assure them that the order has been placed, this is all part of our customer service, but this time of year it is extra reassuring to know that a parcel is being prepared and packed ready to go out.  Staff will be working until late afternoon Christmas Eve, but it is worth remembering that most mail collections will end around noon on the 24th and there will not be a full mail delivery or collection service resumed until after the Christmas weekend.

Everything Dinosaur

In the meantime, here is our Christmas Outlook signature for Everything Dinosaur’s emails, we thought the pterosaurs were quite appropriate for us.

Festive Outlook Signature Prepared by Everything Dinosaur

Getting into the Christmas spirit.

Getting into the Christmas spirit. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Can you spot the Everything Dinosaur logo?

Once again a big thank you to everyone who has sent us Christmas cards, we have pinned them all up in the warehouse and very decorative they look to amongst all the dinosaur toys and models.

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