Dinosaur Themed Extension Ideas Provided by Everything Dinosaur

Our team members are always keen to advise teachers and learning support providers with regards to extension activities to be conducted after a visit from one of our experts.

As part of our work, whether it is with Key Stage 1, 2 or even Key Stage 3 students, we are happy to work in collaboration with the teaching team to ensure learning objectives are being reinforced.  For example, with Key Stage 3 students we can provide helpful support materials to ensure a lively and informed debate about the ethics of cloning when it comes to the resurrection of long extinct species such as the Woolly Mammoth. Whereas, with Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 students. we can help with recounts and activities that emphasis the concept of scientific working.

Providing Extension Activities

Key Stage 2 Teacher Lists Extension Activities after Dinosaur Workshop

Extension ideas - dinosaur workshop.

A teacher lists the extension ideas during a dinosaur workshop.

Picture credit: Hurst Green Primary

“Pinkie Palaeontologist Challenges”

In the example above, the teacher requested advice on how to build in a focus on English and hand-writing after a visit from Everything Dinosaur to Year 3.  We agreed to set a series of what we call “pinkie palaeontologist challenges” to the class.  These challenges involved the children recounting their work with Everything Dinosaur, writing thank you letters, producing scientific posters and devising their very own prehistoric animal based on a set of criteria provided by the Everything Dinosaur team member.

Such activities link nicely to other elements of the curriculum, and we even promised to show case some of the children’s work on Everything Dinosaur’s web log, thus allowing elements of the ICT syllabus to be covered to.

Commenting on the dinosaur workshop, the teacher stated:

“It was an excellent session, informative and fun with loads of hands on activities for the children (and staff).  Five stars!”

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