Year 2 Pupils Learn All About Dinosaurs

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Dinosaur Workshop at Liverpool Primary School

School children at Anfield Infants School enjoyed a visit from Everything Dinosaur this week, as Year two pupils studied dinosaurs and fossils.  The school children had just started their topic and they had lots of amazing questions about prehistoric animals, which we did our best to answer.  The dedicated teaching team had prepared a comprehensive scheme of work and they had posted up a huge K-W-L chart in each of the Year 2 classrooms (high flyers, bright sparks and whizz kids).


What fantastic and imaginative names for the classes!

The K-W-L Chart Prepared as Part of the Term Topic

Learning all about dinosaurs and fossils.

Learning all about dinosaurs and fossils. Year 2 pupils learn about dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Anfield Infants

The K-W-L concept helps teachers to plan a topic and to check learning.  It consists of three areas, firstly, the children brainstorm and say what they think they know about dinosaurs and fossils.  During the brainstorming session, statements might be identified that provide the teacher with information as to what the children would like to find out about prehistoric animals.

The third area highlights what the children have learned at the end of the topic.  This helps reinforce learning and allows the teacher to check understanding.

K-W-L Chart

A different dinosaur denotes each section of the K-W-L chart with the initial brainstorming session indicated by a Triceratops. The second element of the K-W-L chart features a Tyrannosaurus rex, whilst the final section (what the children have learned from the topic), is denoted by a sauropod (long-necked dinosaur).

The Everything Dinosaur team member, as part of the dinosaur workshop, challenged the classes to carry out some extension activities and promised to follow up any questions that the children emailed into the company as part of uniting this topic with their ICT studies.

Lots of Prehistoric Animal Inspired Artwork on Display Throughout the School

Stegosaurus inspired artwork.

Stegosaurus inspired artwork.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To read more about Everything Dinosaur’s huge range of dinosaur toys and gifts: Dinosaur Toys and Gifts.