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7 11, 2014

Year 2 Children Learn All About Dinosaurs and Fossils

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Anfield Infants Learn All About Dinosaurs and Fossils

Year 2 pupils at Anfield Infants learned all about fossils and dinosaurs with a visit to their school from Everything Dinosaur.   The three classes of Year 2 pupils are studying fossils and dinosaurs for the rest of the autumn term and the enthusiastic teaching team have lots of exciting activities planned.  The Everything Dinosaur team member, explained how fossils formed and helped the children conduct an experiment with celery stalks to prove that living things have holes and spaces and it these spaces that can get filled with minerals as part of the fossilisation process (permineralisation).

Over the day, the Everything Dinosaur team were able to see some of the amazing artwork around the school, inspired in part by previous visits of the Cheshire based company to the school.

Amazing Prehistoric Animal Artwork on Display at School

Stegosaurus inspired artwork.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

 The children had thought of lots of questions to ask the dinosaur expert, these questions had been pinned up onto a large K-W-L chart that was on display in each of the Year 2 classrooms.

The K-W-L Chart in One of the Year Two Classrooms

KWL chart all about dinosaurs.

Learning all about dinosaurs and fossils.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

For more information about the extensive range of prehistoric animal models, toys and games available from Everything Dinosaur, including replicas of iconic fossils such as trilobites and ammonites: Visit Everything Dinosaur’s Website.

Feedback from the Teaching Team

Feedback received by Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur gets rave reviews for workshop.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

There were lots of experiments and activities and the children were thoroughly engaged, learning all about extinction, herbivores and carnivores and how the world has changed since the time of the dinosaurs.

7 11, 2014

New CollectA Models (Part 2)

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New Releases from CollectA for 2015 and Model Measurements

Those clever people at CollectA have released the second batch of new additions to their “Prehistoric Life” model series (new CollectA models for 2015).  These are all models that will be stocked by Everything Dinosaur in 2016.  In this short article, we provide pictures of the new models and update readers on the dimensions of all the 2015 releases to date.

So let’s jump straight in..

CollectA Smilodon Replica (May 2015)

Nicely crafted Sabre-Tooth Cat model.

Nicely crafted Sabre-toothed cat model, part of the new CollectA models for 2015.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

This is a very well designed model of a Sabre-toothed cat.  The replica measures a little under 13 cm in length and the head stands around 8 cm high.  The model is in the not-to-scale range and Everything Dinosaur believes it is a replacement for the earlier Smilodon model introduced a few years ago.  This earlier Smilodon is likely to become a rare model so Everything Dinosaur urges collectors to acquire this replica before it is officially retired.

To view the range of prehistoric mammal models and figures offered by Everything Dinosaur: Models of Prehistoric Mammals.

Let’s retain the prehistoric mammal model theme and discuss the entelodont replica, the 1:20 scale model of Daeodon.  This model will also be available from Everything Dinosaur in the late spring of 2015.

1:20 Scale Deluxe Daeodon Entelodont Model from CollectA

Soon to be available from Everything Dinosaur.

Soon to be available from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

This beautifully painted model of a “war pig” as we like to call it measures a fraction under 16 cm in length and the height of the hump is 9.5 cm off the ground.

Sticking with the Deluxe range, another new addition, in what will be termed the Supreme Deluxe range and available from Everything Dinosaur in the late spring of 2015 is this excellent model of the pterosaur called Guidraco.  This is in approximate 1:4 scale and the model measures 25 cm long and it stands approximately 25 cm high.  This replica will have an articulated lower jaw. The colour scheme has been based on an Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica), one of our favourite sea birds.  Guidraco (fossils from the famous Lioaning Province of China), like the Puffin, was believed to be a fish-eater.

The Wonderful Model of the Guidraco Pterosaur

Available from Everything Dinosaur in late spring 2015.

Available from Everything Dinosaur in late spring 2015.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

Super colours on this pterosaur replica.  The model will also feature an articulated lower jaw.

Another addition to the Deluxe range is this replica of the theropod dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus.

Collecta Deluxe Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Model

A 1:40 scale model from Collecta.

A 1:40 scale model from CollectA.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

This model measures a fraction under 30 cm in length and the head height is around 12 cm.  It is slightly smaller than the Deluxe Feathered T. rex from CollectA that is also due out next year (see below).

The Deluxe 1:40 Scale Feathered Tyrannosaurus rex

1:40 scale model of a feathered T. rex.

1:40 scale model of a feathered T. rex.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

The model looks fantastic, the colouration is based on the juvenile feathered T. rex replica that came out this year.

The Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex Model (2014)

A young T. rex

A young T. rex

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the CollectA range stocked by Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Models Prehistoric Life.

Last week, Everything Dinosaur team members posted up images and further information on the first of the 2015 model releases from CollectA.  To view this article: First Pictures of New Collecta Model Releases.

Here are the measurements of the models we featured:

  • Xiongguanlong – this Cretaceous tyrannosaurid model measures 10 cm long with a head height of around 6 cm
  • Nasutoceratops – a beautiful horned dinosaur model which measures 13 cm long with a head height of 6 cm
  • Medusaceratops – a slightly larger horned dinosaur model which is 14.5 cm in length with a head height of around 7.5 cm
  • Daxiatitan – a model of a huge, Chinese Titanosaur which measures over 29 cm long with a head height of a fraction under 21 cm

CollectA Deluxe Pliosaurus Model

Collecta Pliosaurus model.

CollectA Pliosaurus model.

Picture credit: CollectA/Everything Dinosaur

This model measures 31 cm in length and that bulky body stands around 6 cm high.  The replica is based on a Dorset fossil specimen, a spectacular pliosaur known as P. kevani which is known from a two-metre- long skull and jaw currently on display at the Dorset County Museum.  This Pliosaurus has Sea Lampreys attached to it. Although, we at Everything Dinosaur, are not aware of any fossil evidence to suggest Lampreys attaching themselves to marine reptiles, since a number of Sea Lampreys feed on cetaceans in coastal waters today, it is likely that these ancient, jawless fish fed on the giant marine reptiles of the past.

To view the range of CollectA Supreme/Deluxe models in stock: CollectA Supreme/Deluxe Models.

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