Question – What was the Biggest Dinosaur?

For children in the Reception class at St Joseph’s R. C. Primary, today was an important day for them as they could demonstrate their knowledge about dinosaurs and fossils to the dinosaur expert from Everything Dinosaur who came to visit their school.  Under the guidance of the teaching team, the thirty children in Reception class had set up their very own “Dinosaur Museum” with its own cloakroom and gift shop.  Just like a real museum, the eager, young museum curators had made sure that the correct signs were in use.

Dinosaurs and EYFS

Early Years Foundation Stage Set up Their Own Dinosaur Museum

A dinosaur museum (dinosaurs and EYFS).

Come to our dinosaur museum! Dinosaurs and EYFS.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs as a term topic had been brought into the school as the teaching and leadership teams explored the Cornerstones curriculum, providing a more creative approach to the learning objectives for each class.  The children were certainly very excited and keen to handle the fossils that had been brought in.  The theme for the term topic was “which was the biggest dinosaur”?  When the rib bones and skull bones of some dinosaurs were seen, the children could begin to see that some dinosaurs were really very big indeed.

Dinosaur Workshop

The dinosaur expert was keen to help the children develop their vocabularies and after some group activities to help reinforce learning the children were challenged to come up with some new words to help describe the various fossils that were displayed.

As for the biggest dinosaur, that is quite a tricky question.  The current “world record holder”, certainly the largest dinosaur scientifically described to date is Argentinosaurus (A. huinculensis).  Although, as the Everything Dinosaur, fossil expert pointed out, that fact may be challenged in the very near future as new fossil discoveries are made.

The Reception class teacher praised Everything Dinosaur stating:

“This was a wonderful session.”

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