1:35 Scale Yutyrannus Model Added to Everything Dinosaur’s Range

For some time now, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been working with Rebor and the people behind this brand of new, highly collectible prehistoric animal replicas.  The first of the models in the Rebor series, the Yutyrannus (Yutyrannus huali) is going to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur very shortly.  A few weeks ago, we made a quick video in our boardroom which introduces the Rebor range and looks at the Yutyrannus replica in detail.

Rebor Yutyrannus Model

The Rebor Yutyrannus (Y. huali) Video 

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Yutyrannus huali Dinosaur Model

In this short video, five minutes and forty-seven seconds, we examine the packaging, discuss our involvement with Rebor and look at this beautiful tyrannosaurid model in more detail.  We comment on the integument that can be seen on the replica and explain a little about what is currently known about this particular feathered Chinese tyrannnosaur.  Team members are finalising a fact sheet on this dinosaur, it is our intention to include this fact sheet with this new model, thus helping to provide collectors and dinosaur fans with a little additional information about this dinosaur, that was only formally named and described in 2012.

The Rebor 1:35 Scale (YREX) Dinosaur Model

1:35 scale replica

A 1:35 scale replica. The Rebor Yutryannus huali dinosaur model. Picture credi: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur intends to offer this limited edition model at a special introductory offer price.

For further information and for more pictures, simply email Everything Dinosaur: Contact Everything Dinosaur.

A spokesperson from the UK-based, award-winning dinosaur company stated that team members at Everything Dinosaur were looking forward to stocking this Rebor Y. huali dinosaur model.

The spokesperson added:

“The Rebor Yutyrannus model is fantastic, it is a superb 1:35 scale replica of a famous Chinese tyrannosauroid.”

To visit the Rebor models section of the Everything Dinosaur website: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.