A Helping Hand for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

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Providing Keys for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Everything Dinosaur supplies a number of dinosaur and prehistoric themed items to schools, universities and colleges and with the changing curriculum in the UK, our sets of model dinosaur skulls and packs of imitation fossils are proving to be very popular.  However, we have received a number of requests from teachers and teaching assistants to help them further by providing a key to each of these items.

Fossil Models

The Set of Dinosaur Model Skulls (Safari Ltd)

The set features 11 different types of dinosaur skull.

The set features 11 different types of dinosaur skull.  Everything Dinosaur provides a helpful hand for teachers.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

These detailed models feature carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and they are useful when studying dinosaurs, food chains, variation and other teaching topics.  In response to teaching requests, our team members have provided a handy key that identifies the dinosaur skulls.

The Identification Chart for the Dinosaur Skull Set

Finely crafted models of dinosaur skulls.

Finely crafted models of dinosaur skulls.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

We can supply further information about these eleven different members of the Dinosauria, just email Everything Dinosaur for further assistance: Email Everything Dinosaur.

The set of imitation fossils is also very popular with schools, especially with teachers focusing on Key Stage 2.  This set includes examples of different types of creature and how they are fossilised.  We have an Ammonite shell, the tooth of a meat-eating dinosaur, fossil crabs, trilobites and so forth.

The Collection of Fossil Models from Everything Dinosaur (Safari Ltd)

Helping teachers at Key Stage 2.

Helping teachers at Key Stage 2.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fossil Models and Replicas

The ten typical fossils can be used in a number of teaching projects from craft sessions to providing a stimulus for independent research.  These robust models can even be used to help create plasticine copies of fossils or even charcoal rubbings.  Our helpful guide is already proving very useful, happy to help teachers and learning support providers as they get prepared for the start of the new curriculum.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of dinosaur skull sets and ancient fossils including prehistoric animal fossil replicas and dinosaur skull replicas: Safari Ltd. Prehistoric World Models and Figures.

A spokes person for Everything Dinosaur commented:

We appreciate that a number of teaching teams across the country are working on exciting new ideas to help them develop schemes of work in accordance with the new curriculum.  It is great to see rocks, fossils and dinosaurs as part of the national curriculum.  Studying the likes of Mary Anning will help encourage girls in particular to consider becoming more involved with science subjects later on in their school career.”