CollectA Dead Stegosaurus Model – A Video Review

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A Video Review of the CollectA Dead Stegosaurus Corpse

The second, deceased dinosaur model to be included in the CollectA prehistoric animal replicas range is a model of a Stegosaurus corpse.  In this brief video (five minutes, thirty-two seconds), Everything Dinosaur looks at this dinosaur model in more detail and comments on the quality of this replica as well as explaining the pattern of the wounds such as the bite marks on the body.

CollectA Dead Stegosaurus Corpse

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review (CollectA Stegosaurus Corpse)

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Most prehistoric animal model collectors have a number of stegosaurs in their collection, thanks to CollectA, they can now obtain an authentic replica of a dead Stegosaurus, which is ideal for dioramas and for creating prehistoric scenes.  Bring on the theropods.

A CollectA Saurophaganax Model Feeds on the CollectA Dead Stegosaurus Corpse

A Saurophaganax has killed a Stegosaurus.

Food for a dinosaur? Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that the CollectA dead Stegosaurus dinosaur model was popular with collectors.

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