Primary Schoolchildren Write Thank you Letters to Everything Dinosaur

After a busy few weeks with Everything Dinosaur team members carrying out a lot of dinosaur workshops in schools, team members are busy preparing free downloads for the company’s new “dinosaurs for school” website.  As well as all this teaching activity we have also been keeping up with the huge volume of correspondence that we receive.  Amongst all the drawings, pictures, feedback forms, information requests and such like we get letters from schoolchildren who have been involved with our dinosaur teaching in schools.  One such letter was sent from Holly from Yorkshire, we were so impressed that we thought we would post Holly’s excellent letter on our blog site.

Everything Dinosaur

Holly Says Thank You to Everything Dinosaur

School children thank Everything Dinosau

Schoolchildren thank Everything Dinosaur after team members from the UK-based dinosaur company visited their school.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur/Holly

Thank You Letter

Naturally, our team members respond to all those letters, enquiries and contacts that require a reply.

We wrote to Holly saying:

“We are glad that you like dinosaurs and we were very impressed with your writing skills, your letter was very well laid out, the first word that you wrote started with a capital letter and you remembered to use full stops.  You also remembered to put your name on the letter at the bottom, well done Holly!”

We look forward to working with Holly and her classmates in the future and undertaking more dinosaur teaching in schools.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website to see the huge range of soft toys available: Prehistoric Plush – Dinosaur Soft Toys.

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