A Video Review of “Europe’s Lizard” – Europasaurus

Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a short video review of the new Bullyland Europasaurus dinosaur model.  This model is part of Bullyland’s Museum Line dinosaur model collection, also known as “Prehistoric World”.  It is great to see a German model and figure manufacturer making a model of a dinosaur that lived in what was to become part of Germany (Lower Saxony).

Bullyland Europasaurus Dinosaur Model

In this short video (5:30), we explain how these long-necked dinosaurs came to be so small when compared to their close relatives, other members of the brachiosaurid family.

The Bullyland Europasaurus Video Review by Everything Dinosaur

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Europasaurus (E. holgeri) was formally named and described in 2006.  It had been thought that the fossilised bones that had been discovered represented a group of baby dinosaurs, but in this video we provide a little more information about this Late Jurassic sauropod and insular dwarfism.

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