Springbrook Pupils Discuss Dinosaurs

This morning a team member from Everything Dinosaur visited Springbrook Primary school and met some of the young dinosaur fans who had been learning all about dinosaurs and fossils with their teacher.  Together we looked at just how big some dinosaurs were and the rib bone that we showed the class reminded Liam of a “golf club”.  Abu and Ethan were very good at pronouncing the name of dinosaurs and Miss Foxcroft joined in too.

Young Dinosaur Fans

Luke remembered what needed to be done when it came to pouring the casting mixture into the moulds and he was able to guide his chums as they cast their replica fossil.  Kyle said that his favourite dinosaur was Tyrannosaurus rex and he explained that T. rex was a carnivore and that it ate other dinosaurs.  Kyle had even made a model of this fearsome meat-eater and our dinosaur expert took a picture of it.

Model of a Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model.

Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Kyle/Everything Dinosaur

Kyle then went on to explain that although Tyrannosaurus rex had short arms they were very strong.

With the enthusiastic Miss Caines and Mrs Makin helping, one of the walls in the classroom had been decorated with a colourful T. rex and a brown painted Triceratops, lots of words had been stuck up onto the dinosaur scene so that the children could refer to the wall poster when writing about dinosaurs in their work books.  The wall poster is a great way to help with the teaching about dinosaurs in school.

Big Dinosaurs Feature on a Big Wall Poster in the Classroom

Colourful dinosaurs lurking behind a tree.

Colourful dinosaurs lurking behind a tree.

Picture credit: Abu, Ethan, Liam, Luke and Kyle

T. rex Teeth

Abu, Liam and Luke said that the teeth of T. rex were the size of a banana, what a wonderful description. Perhaps the teaching team could help the children measure some bananas so the fruit can be compared to a dinosaur’s tooth.

When it comes to measuring, the dinosaur footprint diagrams that Everything Dinosaur sent over as part of the follow up from the dinosaur workshop in the school, might help the children too.  They could measure the footprints and then compare the footprint’s made by a dinosaur to the size of their own feet.  Perhaps if the teaching team could find a tape measure, then maybe Ethan could measure around his chest to see if  his rib bones are bigger or smaller than the “golf club” shaped dinosaur rib bone he saw earlier.

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