Thank you card from School after Learning All About Fossils and Dinosaurs

We received a big thank you card from Year 1 pupils a couple of days ago.  The very colourful dinosaur themed card had been sent into Everything Dinosaur after a recent school visit.  Each of the children had coloured in a dinosaur picture and this had been stuck to the card with their teacher adding a brief thank you note inside.

Everything Dinosaur

The card arrived with some thank you letters that the children had composed, an extension activity following a visit from one of our dinosaur experts that was aimed at helping to develop expressive writing amongst these Key Stage one pupils.

The Thank you Card we Received

A thank you card after a school visit.

A thank you card after a school visit.

Thank You Letters

We enjoyed reading all the letters and we are always keen to hear from young dinosaur fans.  A dinosaur themed term topic, aimed at Primary school children is a great way to help these enthusiastic young palaeontologists develop writing skills as they learn to express feelings, emotions and to extend their vocabularies.  We are pleased that the children and the teaching staff enjoyed our dinosaur workshop.

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