CollectA Oviraptor New Pics Put onto Everything Dinosaur Website

Team members at Everything Dinosaur continue to be big fans of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animal models that feature in CollectA’s “prehistoric life” model range.  However, every once in a while we can be caught out by subtle changes that we miss, or in all honesty, we have forgotten about.  Take for example, the Oviraptor dinosaur model that is one of the replicas in that company’s not-to-scale prehistoric animal model series.  The images on the Everything Dinosaur website, were out of date and we had not noticed.

The Original Oviraptor Image

Oviraptor with nothing to stand on.

Oviraptor with nothing to stand on.

Oviraptor Dinosaur Model

There are over one hundred different prehistoric animal models in the CollectA series to collect, everything from Achelousaurus to Wuerhosaurus and the Oviraptor replica was first introduced in 2010.  Like many long-tailed, thin-legged dinosaurs, creating a stable model of this biped proved difficult.  It had been developed as a free-standing sculpt without a base.

However, the base was added before mass production as the model proved very difficult to balance on its finely crafted toes.  That’s what having a digitgrade stance can do for you.  The base was added after photos were taken for the company’s 2010 product catalogue and Everything Dinosaur received a set of original photos of the intended model in early 2010 before the base plate had been added.

The fact that this model now comes with a base was pointed out to us by a keen-eyed customer, so we have made it our business to ensure that this model is properly represented on the Everything Dinosaur website.

The CollectA Oviraptor Model (with Base)

Securing a stable future for Oviraptor.

Securing a stable future for Oviraptor.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Base Plate

The base plate has a lovely texture and it looks like this little dinosaur is walking over sand, quite appropriate really as fossil material ascribed to the Oviraptor genus has been found in rock strata that indicate seasonally arid habitats.

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One thing that is for sure, anyone who says that we don’t listen to our customers, we can only say that such comments are “baseless”.