A Review of the Carnegie Collectibles Triceratops Dinosaur Model

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Triceratops Model in a Video Review

One of the most striking models of Triceratops currently available is the colourful Triceratops replica which forms part of the Carnegie Collectibles model range (Safari Ltd).  A few weeks ago team members at Everything Dinosaur asked for suggestions as to which models the company should make video reviews of.  The new Wild Dinos Brachiosaurus and the Toob of Feathered Dinosaurs (both made by Safari Ltd), were reviewed recently and now we can add a review of this Triceratops to our video selection.

Carnegie Collectibles Triceratops

In this short video (4 minutes and 45 seconds), we discuss the colouration and comment on the anatomical accuracy of this Triceratops dinosaur model.

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of the Carnegie Collectibles Triceratops

Everything Dinosaur reviews a Triceratops dinosaur model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

This is a very popular 1:45 scale dinosaur model, a replica of one of the most famous of all the Chasmosaurinae.

To see the range of Carnegie Collectibles and other prehistoric animal figures (and plants) made by Safari Ltd, click on the link below: Safari Ltd. Dinosaur Models and Toys.

The very last of the ceratopsians seem to have been the long-frilled types, this includes one of the biggest and certainly, one of the best known – Triceratops.