Papo Carnotaurus – What Everything Dinosaur Customers Think

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High Praise for Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Since its launch just a few weeks ago the Papo Carnotaurus dinosaur model (Carnosauria) has been receiving a lot of complements with dinosaur fans and model collectors raving about this new Papo replica.

Papo Carnotaurus

The French manufacturer seem to have surpassed themselves with their interpretation of an abelisaurid.  We at Everything Dinosaur reviewed this model when it was first introduced, producing a written review and a short video about this new addition to the Papo “Les Dinosaures” range.

The Papo Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model (Introduced in Early 2013)

"Meat-eating Bull" from Papo.

“Meat-eating Bull” from Papo.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Customer Comments

Here are just a few of the comments we have received so far from Everything Dinosaur customers:

“Amazing! – This model is nothing short of astounding. Papo has ‘taken inspiration’ from Sideshow’s Dinosauria range Carnotaurus sculpture, but made subtle changes by widening the snout a little and placing the left hind leg on the ground. Outside of that, the model is just gorgeous.  The amount of detail packed into this model, particularly on the head, is amazing.   As an added bonus, since this was inspired by the Sideshow sculpture, this model may go down as one of Papo’s most scientifically accurate models to date and easily their best figure since the Papo Allosaurus.  I highly recommend this model for any dinosaur collection. Papo may ruffle some feathers with their lack of originality, but the amount of detail put into each model is worth the money, and only Papo seems to possess that organic believability. Other figures may be more accurate, but only Papo’s look alive!   Add this to your collection. You won’t regret it!”

Michael’s Review

Michael – New Mexico (United States)

Hot on the heels of the running T-Rex and the Allosaurus comes this little beauty, another triumph of detail and dynamism which can stand proudly alongside the best models in the collection!  The precariously yet exquisitely balanced form is sculpted in a lunging position with beautiful attention to the detail of the muscles and skin.  Carnotaurus was such an odd-looking animal this model could easily have missed the mark but Papo have hit it dead-on.  Even the realistically funny, stumpy little arms and fingers do not detract from how impressive this model looks.  Its expression is suitably cunning and oozing with menace, and the detail on the head is superb.  It is generally VERY well painted, there even seems to be a slight difference in the paint used within the model’s mouth to make it more glossy and moist-looking. Excellent! I really, really hope Papo have more ideas for their dinosaur series in the pipeline. I can’t get enough of them! Thank you Papo!

Feedback from Rhiannon

Rhiannon – Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)

Papo keep outdoing themselves with amazing models, and this Carnotaurus proves it.  What surprised me is that the model itself is small, but filled with so much detail.  The pose it is displayed in make it feel like a real animal on the prowl.  The jaw moves as well, showing off a deadly set of teeth.  This Carnotaurus is the best I’ve seen in a long time. Hopefully, Schleich’s will be just as good. Would definitely recommend.   An amazing and beautiful model.

Matthew – Wiltshire

Just some of the comments we thought we should share with our readers.  Feedback like this is passed back to Papo and their design team, this helps them to continuously improve the models and replicas.  Any suggestions as to future prehistoric animal models that Papo should make are also passed on by our team members.

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