BBC Earth Films and Partners Prepare for 20th December 2013 Release of 3-D Dinosaur Movie

BBC Earth Films, the theatrical wing of the BBC brand “BBC Earth” has been working on an updated version of the Walking with Dinosaurs series, this time as a cinema release and it has been announced that the film will have its world-wide premiers in December.

Walking with Dinosaurs

The BBC has been working on its plans to develop more three dimensional programme formats.  Everything Dinosaur reported on the progress that had been made in an article produced for this blog site last year.  Ironically, much of the programme and output testing for the 3-D format had used footage from the BBC television series “Planet Dinosaur” that aired in the Autumn of 2011.

Filming back drops and background footage to help explain the scientific concepts behind the CGI film has already taken place with a number of locations, including the Isle of Wight (southern England), already visited.  The film represents the first 3-D cinema release for BBC Earth Films and “Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3-D Movie” ,  has been created by Twentieth Century Fox and Reliance Big Pictures working in collaboration with IM Global LLC.  BBC Earth is one of the brands managed by the BBC under the BBC Worldwide corporate umbrella – a part of the BBC dedicated to marketing and distributing the UK based production company’s natural history output.

Made by the BBC

The original six-part television series, “Walking with Dinosaurs” was first broadcast in 1999.  It remains one of the most expensive (in terms of monetary cost per minute of footage shown), projects in the corporation’s history.  However, it was a huge success world-wide and provided very significant revenues as a result of global rights, spin-offs and other ventures such as merchandising.

A source has reported that Oscar winning film director James Cameron (Avatar), has been brought in lending  his expertise to the BBC in this project to bring the “Walking with Dinosaurs” franchise up to date with a 3D version.

To view models and figures of many of the prehistoric animals that featured in the ground-breaking BBC television series: Dinosaur Figures and Prehistoric Animal Models.

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