Preparations for the Clothing Range – Something to Get your Teeth Into!

Another busy day in the office for Everything Dinosaur, with team members sorting out all our dinosaur themed tasks and duties.  On top of the usual workload we have been busy with our new range of dinosaur themed clothing.  The logo has been going backwards and forwards between our team and the production company and this has now been signed off.  The image on the front, based on a real fossilised Tyrannosaurus rex skull, (we have the specimen number somewhere), has also been approved.

Everything Dinosaur

It was a real labour of love working on the design for the clothing range, the image of the T. rex skull has something like 20,000 stitches in it – good job there is a machine to sew them onto the sweatshirts that have been chosen.  To begin with there are going to be three or four colours of sweatshirt available red, sky blue and royal blue.  A big thanks to all the people who helped us with the choice of sweatshirt colours and we are still on the look out for a pink sweatshirt as promised.

The T. rex Design for the Sweatshirts is Signed Off

Here's hoping our new clothing range is a "Roaring Success"!

Here’s hoping our new clothing range is a “Roaring Success”!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Themed Clothing

Designed to complement the company’s existing range of dinosaur themed clothing, a spokesperson close to the team responsible for this project at Everything Dinosaur, let slip (during tea-break), that the sweatshirts will be available in a few weeks.

To view the range of dinosaur themed clothing available from Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur – Clothing.

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