A Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model

Hot on the sauropod heels of the Carnegie Collectibles Brachiosaurus model that was introduced by Safari Ltd last year comes this new addition to the company’s Wild Safari Dinos replica range.  However, this is a very much more traditional interpretation of a brachiosaurid with, for example, the head held high in a swan-like posture.

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model

This model effectively replaces the re-painted  1:50 scale replica of Brachiosaurus that was introduced into the Carnegie Collectibles back in 1996.  The 1996 version itself being  a revision of an earlier Brachiosaurus model launched back in 1988.

There are some differences between this new model and older versions.  For example, the colouration is more striking with a distinct contrast between the dark green back and topside and the mottled flanks.  There is also a subtle hint of brown colouration on the chest on and the belly.  The stance is also different with the powerful legs being less bent and more elephantine in their appearance.

The Wild Safari Dinos Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model

New for 2013 from Safari Ltd.

New from Safari Ltd.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

An Updated Dinosaur Model

The nostrils are more clearly depicted than on earlier versions of Brachiosaurus.  They are located at the top of the head.  This contrasts with the nostril position on the 2012 Carnegie Collectibles Brachiosaurus.  The nasal openings on the 2012 model are placed at the very tip of the snout.   With the debate amongst scientists with regards to the exact position of the nostrils this may be a case of Safari Ltd wishing to “hedge their bets” in the absence of any clear evidence either way.

Intriguingly, the domed skull is more prominent on this new Wild Safari Dinos replica when compared to the 2012 Brachiosaurus model.  The configuration of the nostrils and the shape of the domed skull is worthy of further investigation and perhaps more should be written about these subtle differences between these two dinosaur models.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of prehistoric animal figures (Safari Ltd): Safari Ltd. Sauropod and Prehistoric Animal Models.

We suspect that this new not-to-scale replacement for the massive, earlier Brachiosaurus model is a response to the need to make a traditional Brachiosaurus that will appeal to younger dinosaur fans.  After all, the earlier 35 cm tall replica weighed more than a kilogramme so it was perhaps a little too cumbersome for a small child.   This new model stands a fraction under 21 cm high and measures around 22 cm in length.

The Wild Safari Dinos Brachiosaurus 

A colourful Brachiosaurus dinosaur model.

A colourful Brachiosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This is a colourful and attractive Brachiosaurus model.  One that contrasts nicely with other sauropod models made by Safari Ltd.  It will, no doubt, prove to be a popular figure with dinosaur model collectors and it should also prove to be very popular with young dinosaur fans.

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