A Colourful Dinosaur Drawing

Amongst the many pictures, drawings and letters we receive each week we found a lovely picture of a spotty dinosaur that had been drawn by a Year 2 school girl (aged 6-7).  We read all the letters and emails we receive and we try our best to reply to them all.

“Spot” the Dinosaur

A spotty dinosaur.

A spotty dinosaur.

The green, blue and brown spots look like armour and from the beak and the strange tail we think that this is an interpretation of an armoured dinosaur, perhaps something like an Ankylosaurus from the Late Cretaceous  of North America.

Everything Dinosaur

Our team members love visiting schools and teaching about dinosaurs.  Each lesson plan they prepare contains experiments and activities that dovetail into the national teaching curriculum.

To view the range of dinosaur themed toys and gifts, including colouring books: Everything Dinosaur.

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