Clever Wargaming Enthusiast Uses Dinosaur Replicas to Make Monster Models

At Everything Dinosaur we are always keen to hear how our dinosaur products and services are used by customers.  It seems that our customer base is almost as diverse as the Dinosauria and we know that a number of wargaming enthusiasts use museum quality prehistoric animal replicas to make various mythical beasts for use in their war fantasy scenarios.  Some of the bespoke models available for wargamers can be very expensive and a growing army of hobbyists have taken to modifying dinosaur and other prehistoric animal models, after all, some types of dinosaur would have very probably been used by military leaders in the past had these animals only survived for long enough to have the likes of Hannibal, Alexander the Great and a number of Roman generals exploit them in transport as well as combat roles.

Palaeontology Meets Wargaming

One can only imagine the sense of fear stirred in an opposing army when they faced an assault by charging ankylosaurs, or the devastation that would have been inflicted on infantry and cavalry alike if a Sauropod ever been used in battle.

One wargaming enthusiast has produced a number of very finely detailed monster models using dinosaur replicas from manufacturers such as Papo and Schleich .  Jeffrey Ernst skilfully modifies hand-painted replicas of dinosaurs and turns them into battle-beasts for use in various war games.  We were lucky enough to get sent a short video (4 mins 39 seconds) made by Jeffrey in which he showcases some of the amazing models he has built.  A Schleich Saurus Parasaurolophus along with two models from Papo’s “Les Dinosaures” model range have been adapted for use in wargaming.

Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

The Papo Ankylosaurus and the Papo Stegosaurus coupled with Jeffrey’s imagination make two very formidable combat prehistoric reptiles.  Whilst we at Everything Dinosaur confess to knowing nothing about wargaming it is clear that creative individuals that Jeffrey are finding some very novel and fascinating uses for museum quality dinosaur models.

The Papo Ankylosaurus Model is Popular with Wargamers

Everything Dinosaur supplies the Papo Ankylosaurus dinosaur model.

The Papo Ankylosaurus dinosaur model available from Everything Dinosaur.

Everything Dinosaur

Team members are always fascinated to hear from customers.  We enjoy learning how our models, gifts and prehistoric animal toys are used and what becomes of them after they have left our warehouse.

To view the extensive range of prehistoric animal models from Papo available at Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Papo Prehistoric Animal Figures and Models.

We wish Jeffrey every success with his creative modelling and we look forward to seeing how other replicas supplied by Everything Dinosaur get modified for use in this fascinating hobby.