“Knowledge Masters – Dinosaurs” Book Reviewed

Designed with children from five years old and upwards in mind ,the book entitled “Knowledge Masters – Dinosaurs” is packed full of fascinating facts and snippets of information about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals from the Age of Reptiles.  This hardback book has been written in a large font size enabling young people to read it very easily.  The information is broken down into bite-size paragraphs and they are laid out in such a way as to encourage young people to go through the book page by page, thus helping to develop  their reading skills.

“Knowledge Masters – Dinosaurs”

Knowledge Masters – Dinosaurs Book

"Knowledge Masters - Dinosaurs"

Children’s reference book about dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Illustrations and Drawings of Dinosaurs

The thirty-two pages contain a large number of illustrations and drawings of dinosaurs, marine reptiles and flying reptiles (pterosaurs) and each section is written in a question and answer format  A question is presented in bold text and immediately below it an answer paragraph has been provided.  Running along the top of each page is a mural-like section that provides more information about the animals featured on that specific page.

This book contains questions such as what did dinosaurs eat, are there any fossil birds, did dinosaurs have babies and what colour were the eyes of dinosaurs?  These are the sort of questions that children from four years and upwards ask and this book provides them with a ready source of answers .

The demise of the Dinosauria is particularly well covered.  In the last part of the book the extinction of the Dinosauria and other animals at the end of the Cretaceous geological period is discussed.  A number of possible theories for the mass extinction are put forward and the evidence for an extraterrestrial impact such as an asteroid strike is explained in child-friendly, simple terms.  There is even a handy dinosaur and prehistoric animal index presented on the last page, although it would have been helpful to have had a name pronunciation guide provided as well to help young readers tackle the long and often complicated dinosaur names.

Packed full of Questions and Answers about Prehistoric Animals

Lots of Information on prehistoric animals.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fourteen Chapters

Each of the fourteen chapters in this children’s reference is packed full of questions with their answers and facts and figures about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that lived during the Mesozoic Era.    This book would make an excellent addition to a school library or a young dinosaur fan’s book collection.  It is well written, contains lots of colour illustrations and it is jam-packed full of fascinating facts and details related to dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

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