Collecta Announces New Additions to their Prehistoric Animal Replica Range

New CollectA models for 2013:

Diabloceratops (racing with Safari Ltd to launch this horned dinosaur), Daspletosaurus (super tyrannosaurid), Diplodocus and Pachycephalosaurus.

New CollectA Models

In the Deluxe scale series: Parasaurolophus and a repaint of the Ankylosaurus armoured dinosaur model.

The Deinotherium (prehistoric elephant) will be available next year too.

A spokesperson from the award-winning Everything Dinosaur commented that team members would soon begin to prepare prehistoric animal fact sheets that will be sent out with future sales of these models and figures.

The New for 2013 CollectA Deluxe 1:40 Scale Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Model

CollectA Dinosaur Models (Parasaurolophus).

Colourful and well made dinosaur model. The new for 2013 CollectA Deluxe Parasaurolophus dinosaur model.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s current range of CollectA prehistoric animal figures including dinosaurs, pterosaurs, prehistoric mammals and not-to-scale replicas of marine reptiles: CollectA Prehistoric Life Figures.