Series of Landslides at Hive Beach (Dorset) traps Walker

A woman is believed trapped on Hive Beach after being caught in a series of landslides it has been reported.  The incident took place east of Seatown on the Dorset coast.  A significant portion of the sandstone cliff, estimated at around four hundred tonnes of rock has crashed down onto the beach in what is believed to be two landslides, one following seconds after the first.  A major search and rescue effort has been taking place since the incident occurred at around 12.30pm BST today.

Helicopters have been used to search the area around Freshwater Beach Holiday Park, near Bridport.

A person thought to be a 22-year-old woman is trapped in the landslide, a Dorset fire service spokesman said.

At Everything Dinosaur, we were aware of the potential dangers and earlier this morning we wrote a short blog article on the threat of landslides and mudslips on the Jurassic coast.  This article was posted up on the Everything Dinosaur Facebook page and it follows an article written about concerns over beach safety on the 6th of July.

Our thoughts are with the family of the victim.